In Gaza ambulances now serve as mobile clinics amidst ongoing conflict

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, Gaza faces a severe medical crisis, with Nasser Hospital at the epicenter. The largest medical facility in southern Gaza, Nasser Hospital grapples with escalating tensions as the Israeli military clashes with Hamas militants, exacerbating the already dire healthcare situation in the region. Due to these crisis In Gaza, ambulances now serve as mobile clinics amidst ongoing conflict.


Nasser Hospital: A Frontline Battleground


Nasser Hospital, strategically located in a hot zone, faces unprecedented challenges. The conflict has made it nearly impossible for patients and ambulances to navigate through, leaving medical personnel with limited options.


Paramedic Naseem Hassan’s Perspective


According to Reuters, Paramedic Naseem Hassan who is overseeing the emergency unit at Nasser Hospital, he sheds light on the team’s mission: reaching patients near the frontlines and transferring them to well-equipped tents serving as temporary medical facilities. According to him, The ambulance left Khan Yunis’s Nasser Hospital six days ago, equipped with a large quantity of stretchers, syringes, and other essential supplies, everything the medical staff could procure. It now functions as a mobile clinic, traversing areas where the return route is not available.

In Gaza Ambulances Now Serve As Mobile Clinics amidst Ongoing Conflict
In Gaza Ambulances Now Serve As Mobile Clinics amidst Ongoing Conflict


The Mobile Clinic Initiative


Amidst this turmoil, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of mobile clinics – ambulances repurposed to provide on-the-spot medical assistance. These vehicles, once ordinary, now traverse the dangerous areas of Khan Yunis, operating as makeshift clinics.

Continuous Operation for Six Days


The dedication of Hassan and his team is evident as they’ve tirelessly operated for six consecutive days. Addressing injuries among the displaced, they face the arduous task of treating numerous casualties in makeshift conditions.


Displaced Individuals: A Growing Challenge


The conflict’s initial weeks prompted a mass evacuation from northern Gaza, leading to a surge in displaced individuals. As the battleground shifted, residents of Khan Yunis faced new displacements, compounding the challenges for those providing medical aid.


Shift of Conflict and Increased Displacements


Hassan narrates the evolving conflict, detailing how the fighting shifted towards the central and southern parts of Khan Yunis. This resulted in further displacements, creating a perilous environment for the remaining residents.


Establishment of Ambulance Points


With Nasser Hospital and others besieged, Hassan and his team had to adapt. They established ambulance points, crucial for reaching those in need when conventional hospitals became inaccessible.


Delicate Situations and Challenging Treatments


Treating cases in the midst of conflict is no easy feat. Hassan emphasizes the delicacy of situations they encounter, highlighting the inherent challenges that larger hospitals also grapple with.


Mobile Clinic’s Efforts in Patient Transport


The mobile clinic operates not only as a provider of immediate care but also as a transport unit. Patients are moved to tents, and bodies are extracted from these temporary medical facilities.


Conflict Statistics


As of October 7, the conflict has resulted in approximately 1,200 fatalities and 240 abductions according to Israeli figures. Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports staggering numbers, with over 26,900 Palestinians losing their lives and 65,900 sustaining injuries due to Israeli airstrikes and ground assaults.


Medical Facilities in Dire Conditions


Most hospitals, including Nasser Hospital, face severe operational challenges. Shortages of medicines and equipment exacerbate the crisis, leaving medical facilities struggling to meet the escalating demand for care.


Influx of Injured and Displaced Individuals


Despite these challenges, there’s a continuous influx of severely injured and displaced individuals seeking refuge in vacant buildings. The strain on existing resources adds another layer of complexity to an already dire situation.


The Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding


As the conflict rages on, a humanitarian crisis unfolds. Civilians bear the brunt of the violence, with limited access to essential medical services. Urgent international assistance is imperative to alleviate the suffering of the affected population.


Credit: This narrative draws inspiration from Reuters article highlighting Gaza ambulances become mobile clinics as fighting blocks way to hospitals.


Final Thoughts on the Matter


In the midst of chaos, the efforts of Paramedic Naseem Hassan and his team exemplify resilience and dedication. The medical crisis in Gaza requires immediate attention and intervention. The world must unite to provide the necessary support to alleviate the suffering of the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.


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