Bilal Sets Guinness World Record for Naming the Most Taylor Swift Songs in 1 Minute

Bilal sets a Guinness world record for naming the most Taylor Swift songs in 1 minute and proved himself a super Swift fan.

Bilal Ilyas Jhandir, a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift, broke the record for the most Taylor Swift songs recognized from their lyrics in a minute, staking his claim as the world’s greatest Swiftie. The 20-year-old Pakistani surpassed the previous record of 27 songs, set by Dan Simpson from the UK in 2019. The youngster correctly identified 34 songs in all.


Bilal achieves Guinness World Record for identifying Taylor Swift songs in record time

Pakistani fan Bilal Ilyas Jhandir, 20, breaks Guinness World Record for identifying the most Swift songs in under a minute. As per the New York Post, the self-proclaimed “die-hard fan” named an impressive 34 songs, surpassing the prior record of 27.

With her dynamic career and global influence, Taylor Swift remains a prominent figure in the music industry and has a lot of fans across the globe. Bilal is one of them. Because he thought it would be the “best way on Earth” to show Taylor Swift how much he loved her, Bilal made the decision to smash this record.

Bilal identified Swift’s top 50 songs solely from spoken words, read aloud without music accompaniment. The songs were arranged in a random sequence.

Even though Bilal claims to already know every word to every Swift,s song and regularly listen to her music. He spent 13 weeks preparing for the record attempt in order to ensure he earned the best score possible. Through extensive listening, Bilal ingrained songs in his mind, often singing the lyrics to himself during sleep. Bilal attributes his successful record attempt to meticulous planning, considering it an easy task. A man speaking lyrics added challenge.

Bilal Sets Guinness World Record for Naming the Most Taylor Swift Songs in 1 Minute
Bilal Sets Guinness World Record for Naming the Most Taylor Swift Songs in 1 Minute


Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’—An Absolute Masterpiece That Hits the Heart

Bilal, a devoted fan of Taylor Swift since the age of 13, considers “Folklore” his absolute favorite album, describing it as an absolute masterpiece. He expresses admiration for Swift’s unparalleled songwriting noting that her ability to craft out-of-this-world songs consistently resonates deeply with him.

Reflecting on Taylor Swift’s impact on him, Bilal shares, “I have been listening to Taylor Swift since my childhood, and I am a die-hard fan of hers. I’ve immersed myself in every song she has ever created, and I can effortlessly identify almost any of her songs just from the lyrics.”

Bilal particularly appreciates Taylor’s authenticity in songwriting, the emotional depth embedded in her lyrics, and her unique capacity to forge a personal connection with listeners. For him, these qualities define the essence of Swift’s music, making her an artist he deeply admires.

Bilal Sets Guinness World Record for Naming the Most Taylor Swift Songs in 1 Minute
Bilal Sets Guinness World Record for Naming the Most Taylor Swift Songs in 1 Minute


Previous Guinness World Record Titles of Bilal

Bilal has achieved his third Guinness World Records title, adding to his impressive accomplishments. His first record, attained in 2021, is for the remarkable feat of identifying the most animals from their sounds within a minute. In this record-breaking attempt, Bilal successfully recognized and named 23 different animals solely based on their sounds.

Bilal also set a record, identifying the most Justin Bieber songs from lyrics in one minute last year. This accomplishment involved recognizing and naming a total of 29 Justin Bieber songs, surpassing the previous record of seven songs. Bilal’s exceptional ability to swiftly identify and recall lyrics underscores his deep passion for music, particularly Justin Bieber’s repertoire. This achievement not only showcases Bilal’s talent but also highlights his dedication to in the field of music recognition.


Favorite Guinness World Record Title

Out of all the records, this one is my favorite. The fan said, “Being called a ‘Certified Swiftie’ or ‘Officially Amazing Swiftie’ is such an incredible feeling,'” and that he views this achievement as his career high point.



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