Egypt plans to file a memorandum against Israel in the International Court of Justice

In the Hague today, the International Court of Justice is holding a crucial hearing regarding Israel’s occupation of Palestine. This event has garnered significant attention, because Egypt plans to file a memorandum against Israel in the International Court of Justice.


Egypt’s Initiative and Purpose

According to Arab media reports, Zia Rashwan, head of the Egyptian Information Service, has outlined Egypt’s plan to formally bring Israel to the International Court of Justice over its violations in Palestinian territories. This move comes in response to the United Nations General Assembly’s call for consultations regarding Israeli policies and practices since 1967.

He revealed that Egypt will present its case before the court on February 21, which includes the confirmation of the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice to discuss the consultation and deliberate on the advisory opinion.

Egypt’s case rests on affirming the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice to address the consultation and provide an advisory opinion. The focus lies on illegal Israeli settlements, which contravene international law principles, and the enduring occupation, now exceeding 75 years.

The memorandum highlights Israel’s systematic violations of international humanitarian law, including annexations, demolitions, displacements, and property seizures. These actions not only perpetuate suffering but also undermine fundamental principles of justice and human rights.


Calls for Accountability and Redress

Egypt’s demands are clear: accountability for wrongful acts, immediate Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories, and compensation for Palestinian losses. Moreover, the international community is strongly urged to refrain from recognizing Israeli actions. It is imperative that they fulfill their obligations to uphold justice and peace.

Amid escalating tensions, Egypt underscores the imperative of maintaining peace and stability in the region. By pursuing legal avenues for resolution, Egypt aims to mitigate conflict and promote dialogue towards a just and lasting solution.

The hearing at The Hague signifies a pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice for Palestine. Egypt’s proactive stance reflects a commitment to upholding international law and addressing the root causes of conflict. As the proceedings unfold, the world watches closely, hopeful for a step towards peace and accountability.


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