Condemnation at International Level Following Fatalities Near Aid Convoy in Gaza

In Gaza City, intense condemnation, alongside immediate calls for ceasefire and investigation, emerged from international level following over a hundred fatalities in an Israeli attack near an aid convoy on Thursday.


Israeli Attack Near Aid Convoy

The news of the deaths of at least 112 Palestinians, who were attempting to obtain humanitarian aid in Gaza City, sparked widespread international condemnation on Friday. Eyewitnesses and Gaza health officials said that these fatalities were the result of Israeli gunfire.

Israel, however, claims that the deaths occurred due to stampedes and chaos, with some individuals being crushed under aid trucks.


Response from White House

White House spokesperson Olivia Dalton, traveling with President Biden on Air Force One to the U.S.-Mexico border, told reporters that a thorough investigation into the incident is necessary. She emphasized that this event underscores the urgent need for further humanitarian assistance in Gaza.

The White House stated that Biden spoke separately with the leaders of Egypt and Qatar by phone and discussed civilian casualties, humanitarian relief, and efforts for ceasefire negotiations.


Reactions from Germany, France and the European Union

Following the events on Thursday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has demanded a thorough investigation into the deaths in the Gaza Strip, expressing deep sorrow over the deaths of over a hundred Palestinians in Gaza City while calling for a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds. She referred to the incident as “shocking” and urged the Israeli military to conduct a complete investigation into what led to the violence. Baerbock also called on Hamas to release the captured Israelis held in Gaza as hostages.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed dismay over the firing in a post on Twitter, emphasizing the importance of truth, justice, and respect for international law.

Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Union, stated in a post on Twitter that she was deeply disturbed by the images coming from Gaza and called for a thorough investigation into what happened there.


Involvement of United Nations and Arab League

The Secretary-General of the United Nations stated that such situations demand effective, impartial investigations to determine how and who was responsible.

In New York, the United Nations Security Council met in closed-door session at the request of the Arab bloc represented by Algeria in the 15-member council at the end of the day.

Statements from Palestinian Envoy and Other Countries

Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansour has termed this humanitarian incident as a “massacre”. Iran, China, and the Arab League have also condemned the violence.

The Council failed to agree on condemning the incident due to its prepared press statement by Algeria, as it blamed Israel and some ambassadors stated that they do not have all the facts about the incident yet.

Hamas has accused Israel of firing on individuals involved in obtaining aid, while the Israeli military claims its soldiers only engaged in warning shots and that the casualties occurred as a result of ensuing chaos.

The incident near the aid convoy in Gaza City has ignited global condemnation and calls for immediate investigation and ceasefire. As the international community demands accountability and justice, the need for humanitarian assistance in Gaza becomes increasingly urgent.

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