Is Saddam alive 20 years after his death?

A video circulating on social media depicts the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, appearing like a wildfire spreading in the jungle, during the last few hours. Saddam is seen in an interview, supposedly recorded in 2024, suggesting that he is still alive 20 years after his death. The user wrote, ‘This is proof that Saddam Hussein is alive in 2024… He will surprise you.’ However, upon closer examination, a different narrative emerges.


The Viral Video

The video in question portrays Saddam Hussein in what appears to be an interview conducted in 2024. The footage spread rapidly across various platforms, sparking both curiosity and skepticism among viewers. Some were quick to accept its authenticity, hailing it as proof of Saddam’s continued existence. Others, however, remained dubious, pointing out inconsistencies in the video’s presentation.

Fact Check

Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the viral video is a fabrication. Saddam’s voice and accent in the video seem different from his real voice and accent. Some commenters believed it to be true, suggesting that the deceased president is still present and concealed from sight, while others thought it was a fake and fabricated video.

This is a quote from an old interview with Saddam Hussein, which aired on British Channel 4 on February 4, 2003. The president’s voice in the original interview sounds different from the fake one. In reality, this video is false and has been manipulated using audio techniques, while Saddam’s actual interview took place in 2003.

It is worth noting that Saddam Hussein discussed extensively about weapons of mass destruction and Al-Qaeda in the original interview. The viral video on social media alters the voice to give the impression that Saddam Hussein was talking about still being alive and not having been executed.

In conclusion, the viral video alleging Saddam Hussein’s survival in 2024 is nothing more than a hoax. Despite initial speculation, a factual analysis reveals the manipulation of audio and context to deceive viewers. By discerning fact from fiction, we uphold the integrity of historical truth and guard against misinformation.


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